Zara Home is Here!

I jumped for joy now that Zara Home is available for shipment to the United States.  Zara is one of my favorite fashion retailers. I have always been a wee bit jealous that other parts of the world have had access to their home line — but no dice here in the US.  However, as of today, gone are the days of drooling over their international website knowing that I can only look but not order.  Zara Home has made everything they have to offer in order to furnish and decorate our homes available to us!  This is a score for consumers who are familiar with the brand, known for being on trend, of quality, and affordable.  I am hoping with this move into US cyberspace a Zara Home brick and mortar is not too far away!

I am particularly fond of their bedding. Here are some of my faves.  Will you be shopping at Zara Home?

Multipaisley-Raymond Bedding

Marco-Radolf Bedding

Flag Decorative Quilt

Leo Bedding


Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to a take a moment to wish everyone a great summer!  I hope that you have had the chance to enjoy some fun in the sun.  Speaking of which, check out our new promo — isn’t it HOT?!!  We thought it only fitting that we keep things sizzling here at Amani at Home too. 😉





Today we are featured on The Urban Shopper

The Urban Shopper publishes web content related to shopping, spending and buying across six shopping channels –  Food & Household,  Wellness & Beauty,  Technology and Learning, Personal Finance, Green Living and Leisure Living. 

Harold Abrams recently contacted me about the opportunity to introduce Amani at Home to The Urban Shopper readers.  You may remember  Harold,  Founder and Editor of Brand New Day Designs when he featured us here on his blog.  Of course, I jumped at the chance to chit chat further about Amani at Home’s products and interior design services and the rest was blog history. 

Whether you are a full blown shopaholic or  a window shopper, The Urban Shopper will have something for you – so check it out!  And be sure to stop by Harold’s blog Brand New Day Designs today and discover the best in art and design! 

You may have noticed that the Amani at Home website has been going through some changes for the past several weeks.  That is because we have been under construction, but we are delighted to say that our renovation is now complete!  We think our new sites reflects our diversity as a full service interior design company and supplier and curator of ethnic home goods.

Avonda Turner of Brand Design Love worked diligently to deliver a fresh, user-friendly design and layout.  All of the photographs on the site were professionally captured by Life DePICted Photography.  Special thanks to all the models who participated in the photo shoot — I’ll be sharing more of those pictures soon!  We are all very pleased of the outcome and hope that you will take a moment to browse, shop, and tell all your friends about the new Amani at Home website.

Please leave a comment  below and tell us how you fancy the new site!


We’ve just added a new fabric to our handmade pillow cover collection!

Visit our shop on etsy to purchase this new print.  Come on you know you want to take a walk on our wild side!

1. Kuba cloth 2. Amani at Home “Egbuchiri” pillow 3. Amani at Home “Assane” pillow  4. Juju hat 5. West Elm Tribal Jute rug 6. Dominique Pétot “Ibiscus” chair 7. South African Telephone wire basket 8. Bamileke stool

I am so excited to reveal one of my latest interior design projects!!

During our initial consultation, I was so pleased to discover this fabulous couple had a love for jazz, history, and the arts.  Three of my favorite things, it seems as if we were a match made in design heaven!  When I saw a black and white photo framed in an antique brushed silver frame of the wife in her glamorous (and very Hollywood, I might add) wedding gown the vision instantly came together.

Their bedroom is nestled in an urban skyline overlooking a scenic harbor. I wanted to create a romantic and ethereal space that they could enjoy together.  I choose Sherwin Williams Honest Blue (SW6520) paint after which the clouds and water seemed like an endless continuation.

The main inspiration I used for this space was the heart and soul of the Harlem Renaissance and the opulence of the Hollywood Regency style of design. Two periods in time, that overlapped but often thought of as worlds apart.

The Harlem Renaissance was a cultural movement spanning the 1920’s and 30’s.  Originating in Harlem, there was a renewal of black literary, musical, and performing artists. African American authors and poets, artists, musicians, and movie stars found greater freedom of expression and support than had previously existed. Look at the video and see how many important figures from the Harlem Renaissance you can find!

The Hollywood Regency style of design is inspired by old Hollywood glamour. Here I used luxurious finishes such as lucite, tufted velvet, silk, a crystal chandelier, textured crocodile, lacquer, metallic paint (in the bathroom), and geometric shapes to pull this look together.  Here is an article by HGTV on how to create your own fabulous Hollywood Regency look.

Two ideas merged together as one, I really enjoyed creating this space…and most importantly my clients loved it too.   If my clients had one word to describe their new bedroom, I’m pretty sure they would say “Fierce!”.

So without further adieu, I present to you Harlem Renaissance + Hollywood Regency…